A critically-acclaimed producer with more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, Christopher Fudurich brings an exceptional blend of skill, creativity and technological knowledge to his projects - from album production, recording, engineering and mixing to sound and lighting design and live production.  An accomplished musician and gifted listener, Fudurich is an artist’s dream, able to translate creative concepts and turn them into sound reality.

Fudurich began his career as a multi-instrumentalist, studying music, digital production and marketing at UCLA, where his growing industry connections led to a marketing position at A&M Records.  From there, he cultivated a relationship with Steve Rennie, former Vice President of Epic Records, which provided his first opportunity to venture into production -- touring the U.S. and North America as a technical engineer with the industrial rock band, Stabbing Westward.  In the 90s, Fudurich formed a relationship with the songwriting collective, The Tuesday Music Club, including producers and songwriters David Baerwald, Kevin Gilbert and Kevin Hunter.   Fudurich was an engineer and studio tech at Baerwald’s Venice studio, The Palindrome Recorder, working with musicians like Joni Mitchell, Susanna Hoffs, Linda Perry, Jewel,  Jon Bon Jovi and Jim Keltner.  Fudurich was also an  engineer  on Sophie B. Hawkins’ album “Timbre” (with Kevin Killen) and “Visual Audio Sensory Theater” by industrial-alternative artist, Vast (with Fred Maher).  In the late 90s Fudurich traveled to Scotland with Kevin Hunter  to work with his childhood musical heroes, the Simple Minds on their  twelfth studio album “Our Secrets Are the Same.”  A highlight of his career, Fudurich recorded and mixed the album. 

In the early 2000s, Fudurich partnered with Fred Maher and Michael Beinhorn and acquired David Baerwald’s Venice studio, changing the name  to Standard Electrical Recorders.  They recorded music for a wide range of rock artists, including Korn, Fuel and Stargunn (Shooter Jennings’  rocker side project).   It was at Standard Electrical Recorders that Fudurich began working as a producer, cutting his teeth on songs for The Hippos’ album, “Heads Are Gonna Roll.”  He also began producing  many of the pop-punk artists on the  California-based record label, Drive Thru Records, including  RX Bandits, Finch and Allister.  It was at this time that he produced the celebrated and critically-acclaimed Nada Surf album “Let Go.”  The album was the band’s third release and reinvigorated their indie darling status with fans and the music industry alike.

Since then, Fudurich has produced and mixed albums with a broad range of artists, including  Jimmy Eat World, Reubens Accomplice, Ozma, Taxiride (for which he received an Australian platinum album for “Garage Mahal”), Matthew Sweet, The Dan Band  and The Outline (featuring members of Milo Green, Superhumanoids  and Grouplove).

Currently, Fudurich has transitioned mostly to mixing -- one of his greatest strengths that keeps him most connected to music.  He is also adept and skilled with live production, recently touring worldwide with the Los Angeles-based indie-rock outfit, Grouplove and management of live-sound for the LA buzzband, Superhumanoids.  He is also a talented composer and commercial artist, working with songwriting partner R. Walt Vincent (Liz Phair and Pete Yorn) for Killer Tracks.  The duo have recorded nine CDs of music for the renowned music library resource.  Fudurich’s commercial work also led to the recording and mixing of the “Entertainment Tonight” theme with Richie Sambora.

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Fudurich currently  resides in the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District, where he is a board member of the Los Angeles River Artists & Business Association (LARABA).  Through LARABA, Fudurich co-produced the notable music and arts festival Bloomfest in 2011 and 2012, which drew more than 25,000 visitors to the Arts District.